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back to its roots

Located on the banks of Sorgue, with an impeller wheel nearby (the Wheel Victor Courtet), the Magnanerie began its story in the 19th century with the textile industry.

It is indeed the driving force of paddle wheels that motivated the establishment of a silk factory in its place. The building was at that period part of the Casal mansion, one of the eight mansion houses that make up the town of L'Isle sur la Sorgue. The invention of spinning machines and the automatic power loom in 1895 will cause the decline of the silk in favor of wool. In the 20th century, a printing house, L'Imprimerie Guigou, settles until 1990.

From its industrial building, we sought to conserve the architectural rhythm of its regular openings adding his first vocation, that of a cocoon...
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La Magnanerie de L'Isle La Magnanerie de L'Isle
La Magnanerie de L'Isle